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In which I explain the Blog name July 8, 2011

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A number of years ago, during a college production of The Music Man I received the cast award for ‘Most Likely to Become a Real Librarian.’ Two years ago, I decided to start making that happen by signing up for a certification program through the University of Virginia that would certify me to be a school librarian, grades K-12, in addition to being a teacher.

During one of my first courses, YA Literature, I realized that I have a LOT of extraneous knowledge about YA and Children’s Literature, history and authors. There are many reasons for this (thank you parents, siblings, teachers and friends!) but the main reason is that I worked for 6 years at an independent children’s bookstore, where I spent a lot of time organizing books, reading books and recommending books to customers. Consequently, in my library classes, I was the annoying student who had already read most of the books being discussed and I constantly interrupted my teacher with recommendations of other books to read (sorry, Lisa). So, because of my book-crazy tendencies, and because my initials are C.C. my nickname became Card Catalog. And now it is the name of this blog.


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