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Harry Potter Movie: Nostalgic or Not? July 9, 2011

Posted by ccbooks in Debate.

Ana: Nostalgic. To me, something feels like it’s ending this summer with the last movie. Oh, Harry Potter is obviously not just going to go away. There will still be YouTube videos and blog posts, Leaky Con and wizard rock concerts, geeky discussions and movie marathons. “What Hogwarts House are you?” will still be the first question I ask when I meet new people and God knows there will still be Potter Puppet Pals. But in a sense, it’s all fanfiction. It’s all things we have made ourselves. And while that’s wonderful and precious, what we are losing this year is The Source. Capital T, Capital S. We will never read another book about Harry, or watch Daniel Radcliffe have blue eyes instead of green. And without new books or movies to look forward to, a lot of the excitement will leave Harry Potter. So while some things will stay the same, a lot will go away, and that makes me nostalgic.

Cecilia: Daniel Radcliffe had blue eyes? Weird. I am not nostalgic. For me, the movie is very much secondary to the book and the books have been finished and done for four years now. At this point, I’m much more interested in seeing what new books (if any) J.K. Rowling will write. One of my favorite things about books, as opposed to other forms of art, is that they are so incredibly long lasting. Kids will continue to read and discover Harry and Co. and I’m sure I will still have students waving stick wands around on the playground years into the future. The magic will always be new for someone.

Ana: That’s true and I agree with you that the books are far more enjoyable than the movies. But given that there aren’t going to be any more Harry Potter books, I’ll take the movies over nothing at all. There is always so much excitement and mystery that builds up around a new book or movie, and that provides topics of discussion with complete strangers and the opportunity to make new friends. Midnight releases are incredibly fun and interesting, and we will never again be excited for Harry Potter in quite the same way. We can be excited for other people as they discover the series, but it’s done for us. And while it’s been wonderful and it’s time to say goodbye, it’s still sad.

Cecilia: There will be other books and other series to read. Why waste time being sad? At a certain point, while the shared experience is fun and exciting, it becomes a bit repetitve to have Harry Potter be the first thing anyone wants to talk about when they hear you like to read. I’m more interested in paying attention to new work being written. Not because I’m looking for some mystical ‘The Next Chosen One’  but because, to quote Tony Kushner “we live past hope.” I’m still hoping that someone out there (maybe you!) will write another series that I love as much as Harry Potter.

Ana: I’m a bit more of a pessimist. I don’t think anyone will write another series as big or with as large a community as Harry Potter. When I go into the bookstore and see the YA section being taken over by trashy chick lit, I have serious doubts for the future of literature. Also, one of the differences between us is that I have far more friends who are deeply involved in the Potter books. I’ve met people through Harry Potter, and am fairly involved with the online Harry Potter community. It’s a big part of my life and while I hope it stays that way, it’s definitely going to take a hit with the last movie coming out.




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