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It’s a [insert object here] book! July 21, 2011

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So Ana has a habit of calling certain books ‘cake’ books. While I’m pretty sure she means more than they are just sweet, I’ve never quite been able to understand this metaphor, other than the fact that she is trying to be complimentary.

At dinner tonight, her friend Libby referred to a book as a ‘jerkin’ book, and I wondered aloud how we had moved from using food as metaphors (fairly standard) to using Elizabethan clothing as metaphors (not so standard?).

To my slight disappointment, Libby was using the term to denote a type of fantasy novel where characters wear such garments and speak some version of ‘old-fashioned’ English. I decided this was too prosaic for me, and immediately began asking what other clothing metaphors we could use for books.

We came up with two: the corset book (restrained, polite language, strong feelings, but nicely expressed) and the codpiece book (attempts to protect a particular, ahem, area or theme while only succeeding in calling attention to it). Clearly, Twilight is a codpiece book.

Can anyone think of any other ridiculous clothing (or other object) metaphors for books?



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