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Sophie Blackall Video February 13, 2012

Posted by ccbooks in Nerd Line.

Apologies for the (somewhat) long absence! When I’m in rehearsal for a theater project, there is VERY little time between school and nighttime rehearsals to read, let alone write about what I’m reading. But now my show is open, so I am back!

Sophie Blackall is one of my favorite illustrators. I find her style quirky and comforting at the same time, with her smooth brushstrokes and delicate details. So I was excited today to find a video about her on Etsy, the handmade marketplace website, about a new piece of art she has created for the New York City Transit system.

In this video, Blackall walks the viewer through the process of observing her fellow subway riders and turning them into characters for her illustration. While I have been aware of Blackall’s Missed Connections project  (where she imagines illustrations to go with posts on Craigslist) for awhile (although sadly, I haven’t bought the book yet) this was an amazing look at the process of creating her pictures. As I have very little drawing or painting talent myself, I love to peek into the studios of artists and watch them at work. My favorite quote? “I like drawing animals but I’m ashamed to say, I almost always want to put clothes on them.”

Hopefully I will make it up to NYC sometime soon to take a look at the her poster in action on a subway car. Maybe I’ll even run into Ms. Blackall herself! In the meantime, enjoy the video and look for more posts coming soon!


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