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Battle Judges March 9, 2012

Posted by ccbooks in Nerd Line.

Probably my favorite part of the SLJ Battle of the Books is the way the judging works. In the lead-up to the ALA awards, there is no shortlist, no comments from committee members, absolutely NOTHING to give a sense of what is being considered, or why a book was eliminated. In the Battle of the Books, most of the fun comes from hearing what the judges think. Each judge writes a post on their bracket, saying why they chose that particular book to move on in the contest. Some of the posts are short, some are long, but they are all enlightening and entertaining. It’s a treat to hear from authors I love, such as Gary Schmidt or Megan Whalen Turner and understand a little better how they analyze and appreciate literature. It makes me love their books all the more!

When I saw the list of judges for this year’s battle, I felt a little ashamed.

Gayle Forman

Ron Koertge

E. Lockhart

Chris Lynch

Lauren Myracle

Matt Phelan

Sara Zarr

All of the above are authors that I’ve heard of (with the exception of Chris Lynch) and yet I have never read any of their books. How does this happen? My friends and family complain that I read more than is sane, and yet all of these are authors who have been lauded in reviews and blogs and I still haven’t read any of their work! So I’m even more interested to hear their commentary on this list of books. Maybe I will be so excited, I will immediately go and check out all their books.

Sarah Weeks

Jewell Parker Rhodes

Barbara O’Connor

Jonathan Stroud

This is the group where I have read just one book by each author. I was annoyed at Mr. Stroud for taking the grand prize in last years Battle away from A Conspiracy of Kings, but I did really enjoy The Ring of Solomon and I finally checked out the first Bartimaeus book today. The other three were books that I enjoyed, but didn’t love, so that I ran out and read all the rest of their work. That said, Pie by Sarah Weeks, was VERY cute.

Sy Montgomery

Marc Aronson

My two favorite non-fiction writers. Hands down. I ALWAYS learn a ton from any book written by these authors, so I can’t wait to hear their thoughts about the battle books.

Jeff Kinney

I really, REALLY, hope that he draws part of his post. REALLY.

Maggie Stiefvater

My current author crush (see earlier post on The Scorpio Races). Looking forward to reading more of her work!


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