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Poor E. Lockhart…Battle Round 1, Matches 3 & 4 March 17, 2012

Posted by ccbooks in Nerd Line.

“The books on my night-table right now include a scholarly report on keeping octopuses in captivity and a natural history of hedgehogs” –Sy Montgomery

In keeping with a near tradition of at least one judge choosing the book ENTIRELY unlike their own, Montgomery picked Chime to win this match (granted, she used a coin toss, but I’m conveniently ignoring that fact). I will admit to being a bit disappointed, mostly because I loved Cheshire Cheese Cat and I want it to get more attention. My mixed feelings about Chime have been well-documented already on this blog. But as a side note, wouldn’t it be beyond cute to have Montgomery write a Scientist in the Field book about hedgehogs? Come on, now, you have to agree with me!

“Seriously, I was ready to book my trip to Prague within the first 30 pages” –Sara Zarr

Weren’t we all? I defy anyone to read Daughter of Smoke & Bone and not fall in love with Taylor’s depiction of Prague. I attribute my correct guess on this one to the NEWBERY CURSE, which is holding steady–the Newbery winner of the year always gets knocked out in round 1. So although I will miss, Dead End in Norvelt, I am eager to read the Round 2 battle of Daughter of Smoke & Bone vs. Chime! I’m sure that E. Lockhart will be much more concise and interesting than I was in my earlier post comparing the two. And I’m certain that  no matter which book wins, there will be many heartbroken fans…although there is always the Undead to possibly bring the loser back!


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