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Thrills and Rages…Battle Round 1, Matches 7 & 8 March 23, 2012

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There was no indifference in these two rounds. You were either over the moon and turning cartwheels, or banging your head on the wall, as one commenter wrote. Before turning to the Occupy movement for inspiration on how to handle her rage that a particular book had been eliminated. As an artist, I appreciate strong feelings. I much prefer that someone hates my work, rather than having no opinion at all. I hope that all these authors are glad that we care so much about their books!

“I was asked to pick a winner, in the imagined scenario of these two books putting on their boxing gloves and going at it, jabbing and circling, plotting and verbing, creating worlds and characters and spitting out adjectives from the mouth-guards of their covers.”  –Lauren Myracle

HAH. Take that, Printz committee! Life: An Exploded Diagram finally gets its due from someone. I appreciated the artistry of A Monster Calls but Life has the distinction of being a book that I wanted to tell everyone about, and yet I could never summarize it satisfactorily. ARGH. So really, all I needed was Lauren Myracle to just write something brilliant I could quote. Thanks, Ms. Myracle!

“Jane Eyre references: Okay for Now. From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler references: Wonderstruck. ” –Jeff Kinney

What? I have to choose between Jane Eyre and Mixed Up Files? How can this possibly be? I’m kidding. That comparison was clearly only part of Kinney’s deliberation as he chose between Wonderstruck and Okay for Now. And while I’m not quite as happy with this outcome, I still think Selznick’s achievement is impressive. Now I wish he would write something short for a change, that isn’t quite so heavy to carry around. Something like The Houdini Box. 

One round done, three to go! Will American adventurers or Soviet survivors prevail in this next match? Does Amelia get extra points for being in the news lately? We’ll find out soon!



1. Nicole - March 25, 2012

Wasn’t Jeff Kinney’s review amazing? I loved reading it more than the others.

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