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No Real Surprises…Battle Round 2, Matches 1 & 2 March 28, 2012

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“I feel like a hapless kid in dance class, whose feet keep getting tangled up.”  –Marc Aronson

So many judges keep commenting on how difficult this whole judging thing is! Thank goodness they continue to take on the challenge, year after year. I’m starting to get a little nervous that someday all the YA and children’s authors will band together and refuse to do this whole comparing apples and oranges Battle of the Books craziness. And THEN what would we do for the whole month of March?

I can’t really say much about this match because I still haven’t read Between Shades of Grey. Aronson is one of my favorite non-fiction writers though, so now that he has chosen it to move on,  I really need to get on that.

“I like my men reasonably, but not terrifyingly handsome, funny and nurturing, rather than powerful and remote. I am not interested in danger as an aphrodisiac. It quite turns me off.” –E. Lockhart

Amen. Lockhart hit on my main issue with Daughter of Smoke and Bone –the fact that I just don’t like a romance that seems inevitable. This, despite the fact that when I started dating my boyfriend, most people reacted with “Duh. You’re both puppeteers.” Ok, in real life, maybe. But in fiction, I like a little more conflict between protagonists. I’m not terribly surprised that Chime is moving on. It had the most starred reviews of practically any book this year and the vast majority of commenters on the Battle website have been championing it. And yet….I just liked Taylor’s book better. What can you do?



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