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Medal Mania September 20, 2012

Posted by ccbooks in Nerd Line.

It is now, believe it or not, after Labor Day (I’m still in denial about the end of summer. No longer being a full time teacher makes it WAAAY more easy to ignore!) and so blogs and mock committees are getting up and running for the ALA Media Awards. Lists are being posted. Comments are being made. Disappointment is registered with books that failed to live up to expectations. Raves are being given for books that are just that fantastic.

My favorite thing about awards season is that it gets me to read books I might have ignored otherwise, due to an unfortunate cover or bias against the author or any number of reasons. I usually keep up with the blog Heavy Medal over at School Library Journal, along with Calling Caldecott at the The Horn Book. Both give great recommendations for books that should be considered for the Newbery and Caldecott. Right now, the books I have read in the ‘Newbery range’ fall into several categories:

The “It was good but didn’t blow me away” category: Wonder falls into this category as does Princess Academy: Palace of Stone and Liar and Spy. Liked them all, but wasn’t floored.

The “I know I should really finish this…” category: Summer of the Gypsy Moths goes here. I really will get back to it soon…

The “I LOVE it and so am probably biased when it comes to Newbery discussion” category: Splendor and Glooms. In case it wasn’t obvious.

The “I’m DEFINITELY going to read that” category: Lots of things in here that haven’t been published yet, such as Starry River of the Sky by Grace Lin. Also several books that are sitting in my room right now, like What Came from the Stars by Gary Schmidt!


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