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A (short) Pause January 7, 2013

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I’m going to be taking a short break from this blog for about a month. I wouldn’t bother announcing it like this (I don’t have such delusions of grandeur as to think that dozens of people read this blog regularly) but the post title will remind me, if I click on the page, that I have promised myself to step away for a bit. Take a breath. Enjoy the quiet. And then hopefully I’ll return around the time that ALA finally satisfies me (or not) with their choices for all the Youth Media Awards.

In the meantime here is an interview I really enjoyed, with William Alexander, the author of the National Book Award-winning Goblin Secrets. I admit that I was pulling for Bomb to win this award, but Alexander did impress me with his world-building as well as his use of theater and mask tradition. After hearing more of his thoughts and ideas in this interview, I’m looking forward to whatever he writes next.

*I also love the interview questions–as I was reading, I got the sense that this wasn’t your usual SLJ question list and about the time I got to the question featuring an A.E. Housman quote, I was thinking “Who is this interviewer?”….and then at the end I realized that it’s Gary Schmidt. OF COURSE. The man even writes brilliant interview questions! Life just isn’t fair.



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