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Tucson Bookstores February 6, 2013

Posted by ccbooks in Nerd Line.

Over Christmas, I went to Tucson, Arizona to see my grandparents for a week. I spent many summers there as a kid, but I have few memories of visiting bookstores–we usually just went to the library for reading material. This time, however, I had noticed a link on the blog of illustrator Adam Rex which read “Best Bookstore in Tucson Until Someone Proves to Me Otherwise.” I have a high opinion of Adam Rex, so I decided to make sure I visited Antigone Books.

Antigone Books sign

As I walked in, the little bookseller voice in my brain kept going “Check…check…check.” Tables of staff recommended books? Check. Section of incredibly tempting blank notebooks? Check. Shelf of books about reading and author favorites and what’s on your bookshelf? Check. As I walked over to the children’s section and started looking around, I decided that I had a few points to add to my list of “What Makes a REALLY Good Bookstore”. First, the children’s section must have at least one book that I have been looking for at the library and haven’t found yet. Second, the store must have a display with books that I have never heard of, but when I read the back, I immediately decide to put them on hold at the library. Antigone books passed both these tests with flying colors. Yes, Adam Rex, you are right. Best bookstore in Tucson, hands down.

Antigone Books display

Because it’s practically impossible to be in an English or Spanish speaking place and not visit at least two bookstores, we also hit up Bookman’s, which is a massive warehouse used-book type of place. I had several great finds in this store, including a childhood favorite picture book, Valentine Secrets and a couple Native American and Mayan folktale books to use in research for a theater project. Plus, the view from the parking lot of the mountains in the light outside was just beautiful.

Bookmans sign

Parking lot view


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