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Review: Open This Little Book February 17, 2013

Posted by ccbooks in Book Reviews.

Open this Little BookThe first clue that Open this little book is out of the ordinary comes when you first pick it up. Unlike a typical picture book, there is a bulge in the middle and some of the pages clearly do not extend all the way. What is going on? After about three page turns, you figure it out. And then, I promise that you will smile.

Jesse Klausmeier has written a winner with this debut title (and I love that she partly dedicates it to LeVar Burton, from Reading Rainbow) about the power inherent in opening a book. Who doesn’t want to read books with your best friends, in all the colors of the rainbow? The lovely illustrations are by Suzy Lee, who after her stunning books Wave and Shadow, goes in a whole different direction with this one.  Rather than silhouettes or loose brushstrokes over a single color, the bright, saturated palette matches the cheerful, matter-of-fact text. Both the animals and their book covers have a lovely vintage feel with their distinct colors and delicate patterns.

Kalusmeier created a similar book as a child and the whole story is clearly a labor of love and a special gift to children who like to tell their own stories and create their own handmade books. This is a treasure you will want to share with children over and over again.



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