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Animals, Mysteries & Romance…BOB Matches 3 & 4 March 18, 2013

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At the end of the first four matches, I have three predictions right and one wrong. Not a bad start!

“It feels like I’ve trued something that needed truing.” –Kathi Appelt, on Endangered by Eliot Schrefer.

I so called this one! I enjoyed both of these books, but neither completely blew me away. As Appelt points out, Mo in Three Times Lucky joins a long line of spunky, small-town heroines of middle grade fiction. She’s adorable, but she’s also someone I’ve met before and there’s a distinction between a book that is an excellent example of a genre and a book that makes that genre feel entirely fresh and new. Endangered, like our wonderful Newbery winner of the year, was a book that made me think about the relationship between animals and people in a way that I hadn’t before. I’m not really an animal person (never had pets growing up, etc.) and I don’t often like animal books, so I was surprised that this one stuck with me so long. I’m excited it gets to move on in the competition.

“You want to stroke the pages (I admit it. I stroked).” –Deb Caletti, on Temple Grandin by Sy Montgomery.

No, I don’t think I stroked the pages. But I did love this biography of an amazing scientist and humanitarian. I’m sorry that I never got to read this aloud to my students, because I think they would have had some great reactions and it would have been eye-opening for many of them. As someone who has taught several students on various parts of the autism spectrum, this book both helped me understand them better and made me hopeful and excited for their futures. I’m sorry that it won’t continue on in the battle. As a side note, I have to say that after reading Caletti’s slightly breathless listing of John Green’s accomplishments, I was thinking “Oh man, I can’t wait to hear what Roger has to say about this…” and sure enough, Appelt won the judges battle for this round. Caletti had great things to say about The Fault in Our Stars, making me even more annoyed that I haven’t been able to get my copy back from a friend in order to re-read it. As an analysis though, I think I was more impressed with these commenters, from The Morning News Tournament of Books and what they had to say about the book and its reflection of the ‘millenial’ generation.


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