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Lows and Highs…BOB Round 2 Matches 1 & 2 March 26, 2013

Posted by ccbooks in Nerd Line.

I was EXTREMELY grumpy after reading the results of the first match of round 2. After the second I was…less grumpy. But still not completely mollified.

“Both books reveal how complex are the decisions people have to make in times of war. Both are respectful of the strengths and weaknesses of humanity.”  –Donna Jo Napoli on Bomb vs. Code Name Verity. 

Now, normally I’m not terribly upset when my predictions for these battles turn out to be wrong. But THIS? SUCH  a disappointment. Not that I don’t love Bomb. I do. In fact, I sold it this evening to a ten year old girl looking for spy stories. But Code Name Verity is the one YA book that I have gone back to repeatedly this year and I’m exceedingly sad that it is not moving on. It was clearly a tough decision (although I had to laugh at the way Napoli basically detailed the entire plot, then at the very end said “I won’t spoil it”) and I am glad that at least one non-fiction book is moving forward in the Battle. But still….as Verity says at one point… “Oh Maddie…”

Well of course I’m being picky. But I guess I had to find something.”

–Martine Leavitt on Endangered vs. The Fault in our Stars.

I read Endangered because Monica Edinger of educating alice said to. And I was glad I had. I’m not a huge fan of animal books, nor am I a huge fan of contemporary war books, but Sophie and Otto’s story was compelling as well as informative. Still, it wasn’t a huge surprise to see that Leavitt chose The Fault in our Stars to move on in the Battle, since so many people have had so many good things to say about it. And yet when I first read TFiOS, I wasn’t blown away. It was an emotional story and I loved the fact that Hazel Grace has a distinct voice from Green’s other protagonists. But Augustus seemed WAY too good to be true and the entire Van Houten story line was something I started to skip over. All in all, not my favorite of Green’s books. I set it aside, then lent it to a friend and only went back to it this weekend when I was working at the bookstore and needed something to read during the slow moments. I still skipped a lot of Van Houten. But I identified even more strongly with Hazel than the first time I read it, and several lines have been bouncing around in my head ever since, so for that reason, I am glad it has survived. (Ok, also, I now want CNV to win the Undead Poll.)



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