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Lots of Sighs…BOB Round 2 Matches 3 & 4 March 29, 2013

Posted by ccbooks in Nerd Line.

It’s getting harder and harder to come up with good quotes this year in BOB. For whatever reason, very few of these judges seem to have the quick wit or insightful comments that we were treated to in past years–and FAR too many of them have indulged in unnecessary plot descriptions. Assume we’ve read these books already!

“Years ago I zapped the writer’s guilt of finishing every novel because someone had bled to write it.” –Thanhha Lai

Perhaps I should have expected that Thanhha Lai would be concise in her comments. After all, her novel Inside Out and Back Again used a very small number of words to accomplish a polished and beautiful story. While I nearly loved both books in this match equally, the Victorian setting and presence of puppets tilted in Splendors and Glooms’ favor. So I agree with Lai’s decision, although I wish she had said a little bit more.

“Both books are just good old-fashioned storytelling: provocative beginnings, wild-ride middles and endings that are at the same time happy and heart-rippingly poignant.” –Paul Griffin, on Seraphina vs. No Crystal Stair. 

I did not have a horse in this race. I haven’t managed to re-read Seraphina after going through it very quickly back in the fall when it came up on the Someday My Printz blog. No Crystal Stair never really managed to grab me, although I did finish it the second time I tried. The in-between format of not quite biography and not quite novel just doesn’t speak to me–I wanted there to be more plot and tension but I also wanted more context of the time period. Every judge who reads this seems to love it though, which makes me nervous for my lovely puppets in the next round…


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