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Wish I Hadn’t Been Right…BOB Round 3 April 1, 2013

Posted by ccbooks in Nerd Line.

So I knew this was going to happen…and we end up a final round of YA only. I’m somewhat conflicted about this. I think I like it better when the Battle forces judges to consider middle grade and non-fiction and YA together because we get more interesting commentary. That said…I’m VERY happy about the winner of the Undead poll!

“The train began to pull away. The conductor told me I could only choose one.” –Lynne Rae Perkins

This was possibly my favorite of the judges’ commentary so far. It left me thinking that maybe I should go back and re-read Criss-Cross, Perkins’ Newbery winner that I read once, shrugged my shoulders at and haven’t picked up since. I was never going to be totally happy with the outcome of this match, since I love both The Fault in our Stars and Bomb. Still, I can appreciate Perkins’ point about wanting a little more context in Bomb and her love of the ‘unsappiness’ of Hazel and Augustus in TFiOS. Even better, Kid Commentator RGN made a great point about TFiOS being a book written for the purpose of ‘making you think about infinity and love’ rather than for telling the story of two characters, which I think is an intriguing idea. It goes along with comments made at the Tournament of Books comparing John Green to John Hughes and the pros and cons of having that cultural pull among a particular generation. As part of the leading edge of the millenials (Green wasn’t published until I was in college), I feel like I watch Green’s influence on my younger siblings without his work having quite the same inspiration for me. I’ve enjoyed reading comments from others this year analyzing Green’s importance to the literary world and culture in general.

“Is it too late to redefine who we’re calling heroes in this country? Can’t the booksellers, the librarians be king?”

-James Patterson

Meh. Ok, so I knew all along that it was a true long shot to have Splendors and Glooms win the Battle of the Kid’s Books. But, hey it won a Newbery Honor and I can dream right? I didn’t really expect Patterson to choose it over No Crystal Stair which everyone seems to like more than me (an interesting predicament, since I’m more used to reading other commenters say they don’t understand the love for a particular title, such as CNV or TFiOs). I don’t entirely agree with Patterson’s declaration that bookstores are dying, as the one I work at is doing pretty well by the standards of an independent, and so are many others in my area. But for the sake of the quote above, which I do love, I will stop being grumpy.

And the final round turns out to be between….bookseller vs. cancer kids vs. girl spies! I’m excited to read the final round tomorrow!


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