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BOB, Matches 1-4 March 14, 2014

Posted by ccbooks in Nerd Line.

I have so little to be annoyed about! This NEVER happens with the Battle of the Books…inevitably there are judges who I just completely disagree with no matter how eloquent their explanation of why they chose a book that I didn’t like. Perhaps it is because I love nearly every single title in the running this year. At any rate, some favorite moments from this week’s matches: 

“Both books are filled with mystery, romance and survival–the drama of predator and prey.” –Vaunda Nelson. 

No complaints about the outcome of this match! I loved The Animal Book and am glad that Nelson also appreciated its detail and careful structure. 

“It all ends with me throwing the book against the wall again. Only a master storyteller can make me do that.” –Yuyi Morales

I thought I wasn’t going to be happy no matter the outcome of this match, and yet, Yuyi Morales managed to write a judgement that had me cheering at the end of every sentence. Like Morales, it took me forever to get into the rhythm of A Corner of White and like Morales, by the end I was completely enraptured. However, Boxers & Saints has been the book I’ve told everyone I know to read and read NOW, so I’m glad it moves on to the next round. 

“…reading Eleanor & Park was like discovering a new flavor of ice cream (really sad, really poignant ice cream)…” –Lauren Oliver

I’m totally going to describe Romeo & Juliet now to teens as being about a rebound relationship. I was curious to see what Oliver would pick, as she is an author who writes both middle grade and YA.  Doll Bones hasn’t really stuck with me (though I should probably revisit it at some point) but Eleanor & Park is a book I’ve re-read every time I have to shelve it at the store, so yay for it moving on. 

“Once upon a time, on a couch in my apartment there were two books…”–Sarah Mlynowsky

Sigh. I have a higher tolerance for quirky than most people, I guess. On the other hand, I enjoyed Far Far Away probably just as much as Flora & Ulysses so should I really complain? Also, Mlynowsky gave the best explanation I’ve heard yet for the odd mix of fairy tale and contemporary that Tom McNeal serves up. So I guess I can’t really grumble. Looking forward to next week!


1. Karen Maurer - March 14, 2014

YAY! BOB! I agree with you totally! Isn’t this a great antidote to a hard winter??

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