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Top 5 Things I love about The Great Greene Heist June 7, 2014

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greeneThe Great Greene Heist by Varian Johnson is one of my favorite middle grade books of the year. Jackson Greene has pulled many pranks, but now he swears he has gone straight. That is, until he hears a rumor that someone might be planning to steal the student council election from his former best friend Gaby. In pursuit of justice, Jackson just might be convinced to return to what he does best. I love this book for many reasons, but here are my top five.

5. So. Much. Geek. A shed full of Star Trek action figures and memorabilia. One character uses ‘IAmBorgHearMeRoar as his screen name. Another insults people in Klingon. At one point the hero tells his friend “There’s nothing wrong with being the tech guy. You’re good at it. You’re a key part of the team.” That love of nerds and technology and geekiness is a huge part of this story and it’s great to see.

4. The girl gets as much screen time as the boy. Yes, this is Jackson’s story. But Gaby–his onetime best friend and possible crush–has her own struggles with friends, her student council campaign and multiple boys who just might like her. The author doesn’t downplay any of this, treating Gaby’s interpersonal crises with just as much respect as Jackson’s crazy schemes. It is a mark of just how much Gaby has changed her mind about Jackson that she pitches in when things go awry at the last minute.

3. This is a book with a diverse cast of characters, but that’s not actually my favorite thing. My favorite thing is that it doesn’t ignore the different experiences of those characters. And the differences in people’s attitudes and assumptions are something that Jackson notices.   One of the most realistic things about this book for me is how it doesn’t shy away from showing the pinpricks that some of the characters deal with on a daily basis. Speedy Gonzalez is used as a shorthand for a Latino character by the school bully, even though, as Jackson points out, Gonzalez is a Mexican character and his friend Charlie is Puerto Rican. Secretaries in the office continually mix up kids who are the same ethnicity and Jackson himself is told “Boys like you are always up to one thing or another.” These references are subtle but definitely add realism and depth to the story.

2. Gaby. Everything about her. Can I gush again about how much I like Gaby as a character? She’s sensible but not boring, athletic but not obsessive, bossy but not mean. She genuinely doesn’t want to hurt people’s feelings, but learns over the course of the story to be more honest with her friends. And she takes matters into her own hands. Gaby is one of my favorite new middle grade characters and I hope Varian Johnson writes a whole book starring her sometime.

1. COMPLICATED PLANS! I admit it–I’m a sucker for con stories and mysteries where the detectives set up huge intricate traps to catch the bad guy. So I absolutely loved the great lengths that Jackson and the rest of Gang Greene go to in order to achieve their goals. From disguises to gadgets, they use every trick in the book and give them all funny names to boot. Half the fun is going back and re-reading the entire story immediately in order to spot every trick and figure out who was responsible for each step along the way.